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Flea Market Trivia
I have been, and will be in the future, going to the office a lot more. Perhaps as many as three days a week, especially as our big gigantic exercise will be going on in July, I will be in the office, training some of the higher-ups on how to use the simulation software we use.

Yesterday, Nathan tipped me off about a new trivia game at the Flea Market, and we agreed to go. I met Josh at John's Deck for a happy hour drink, ran over to the bank, and caught the 51 to Westport, where we(Josh, Callie, Nathan, Jeff, and myself) pulled out a win by identifying a New Order cover song from the early 90s. We divvied up our winnings, amounting to about $9 apiece, and went our separate ways. Jeff and I went over to McCoy's for a microbrew Pale Ale on KC's best patio, in absolutely sublime weather. Jeff had to move, to catch the last bus of the night down to Waldo, and I relaxed and finished my beer.

I wandered over to 39th and Main, and saw that the next bus to downtown wouldn't come until midnight, a half hour away. So, I started walking north, and on the way, decided that I had time for a quick beer while I waited. I came very close to going into Sidekicks Saloon, a well-known gay bar, and was actually in the lobby when I noticed that it's not so much a gay bar as it is a gay dance club. I stepped back outside, and walked up to Davey's, and asked Chris the bartender for a Sierra Nevada. Good old Davey's.

I hurried my beer down, but it turned out there was no need, as I still had just under ten minutes left to wait when I got to the bus stop at Linwood and Main. When the bus did come, though, I was ecstatic to find out that the late buses go all the way downtown now, and not just to 18th and Walnut, where they turn off to go to the bus barn. Feeling like Christmas came early, I thanked the driver a little too enthusiastically as I stepped off at 13th and Wyandotte. I think my voice cracked.

Anyway, I got home, ate some toast, and went to bed.

I went into the office today, and did something I had never done. I walked to lunch. It was already in the upper eighties at 11:30am, but the walk to Sonic is only about 300 yards. Yet for years I have always driven it, and it doesn't make any sense. It is currently 92 degrees outside, and we're expecting more of the same, tomorrow and all weekend. I just hope the AC starts working.

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