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April No-foolin'
We moved yesterday. We're in the new place now, and have an austere set of things unpacked and ready to use. I promised myself that one of the first things unpacked and ready to use would be my computer, along with the network setup, but there's far too much stuff in the way of where I want things to be. So, once I got my desk put back together(with some much-appreciated help from Jeff), I just grabbed my work laptop and a wireless card. Luckily, and since this is downtown after all, there are many unsecured wireless networks to choose from.

We started moving at about 10am yesterday, and it took until about sunset to finish. The new place is on the first floor, with the high windows level with the sidewalk. This means that the great majority of the startling number of large boxes we packed entered through the screen-less windows, rather than the door.

Even though we had lots of greatly appreciated help from Jeff's parents, Chris, and Cole, it was exhausting in a way that still amazes me. By 5 or 6pm, everybody ached, especially in their legs and feet. Jeff's parents have a trailer that was an absolute lifesaver. But even with that, it still took us at least six trips with it fully loaded down with accumulations of stuff that we didn't know we had.

The weatherman assured us that we'd be moving with torrential rain sopping down everything we own, frantically running back and forth between the back of the trailer and various places. However, the weatherman apparently needed to consult his nexrad doppler radar 7000 a little more closely, because the weather was perfect. The sun was out for a good part of the day, and the temperature hung in the 60s all day. One time, early on, I got a couple sprinkles on my windshield on one of the many trips between the apartment and the condo. But otherwise, the only weather to speak of was wind.

I don't know what time it was when I went to bed last night. I wasn't really paying attention. But I don't think it was any later than 10pm. I stirred at 5am for a call of nature, and found that I was wide awake. I even lay in bed afterward, trying to get back to sleep, but I couldn't keep my eyes closed.

It's all sinking in now, that I'm a homeowner. At the moment though, I own a gigantic mess. We have a lot of work to do today.

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the joke goat. brooked no delay in saying:
omg this is the funniest april fool's joke EVAR! you? owning a LOFT?! hahaha! my one-dimensional goat mind cannot comprehend it.

1:38 PM, Apr 1, 2007

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