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11:10 PM, Mar 28, 2007 toot this
Oh, Hello!
I didn't see you there!

I am a lazy, lazy man. I have been lazily preparing for home ownership, getting a new roll of pictures together for you, working on the heightening pile of work at work, and throwing together such a social life as I can muster.

I'm moving on Saturday, so I've been trying to tie up loose ends regarding that. I have filled one garbage bag with useless crap that won't be making the move with us. Jeff did me one better and secured a whole load of boxes to package up his many personal effects, which handily outnumber my own. I will complete my crap-up tomorrow, and make a pathetic attempt to pack in an orderly fashion.

I know I keep saying it, but I will be updating this site more, once the craziness settles a bit. All next week, I'll be working nights with nothing to do. You'll probably get some random inane thoughts out of me then.

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