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2:12 PM, Oct 16, 2006 toot this
Bored at The Office
I got up at the crack of dawn today and... Well actually, I got up about an hour before that, as the days definitely seem to be getting shorter. Anyway, I was *this* close to calling off the bus for one day and driving in, and getting another hour of sleep. But as I leaned on the wall above the toilet, it occurred to me that I got bountiful amounts of sleep this past weekend, and had gotten a full night in what I was now considering extending by another hour. The words of my wise friend Cole came into my head:

"Have you ever considered sucking it up?"

So that's what I did. I never really hurried when I was getting ready, but I still arrived at the bus stop a full ten minutes early. The total cloud cover guaranteed that any sunrise would be hardly noticable, though it was undeniably still dark when I hopped on the bus at 6:53am. The bus was still crowded, but nothing like the one that leaves ten minutes later. I only had one person ever have to sit by me, forcing me to put my legs together and wedge myself in place by anchoring my knees into the back of the seat in front of me.

One observation I've made is that driving to work in the morning is a snap. Getting home from work in the evening is a terrible pain in the ass. A great deal of downtown is all ripped up right now, including most ntably, the total closure of I-35's northbound lanes. This causes everyone to divert over to Broadway, which is basically the only way north or south on the west side of downtown. Just getting near it is a trial, because most of the surrounding streets are clogged with cars trying to turn onto it.

However, taking the bus home is much, much easier for me. They all enter downtown from streets farther to the East, and when they drop me off, I'm no slower at getting around than at any other time of day.

I write all this relatively boring information because I am officially bored for the first time at the new job. I have two projects, and few other personal projects to take care of, but the heat in this place is making me restless. I think I'll step outside.


Rachel replied:
It has definitely taken some getting used to for my 90 minute commute each way via transit, but after a few weeks, I have grown to really like it. Because it's the same busses every day, I have made some transit friends, people that I look forward to seeing every night for our stretch of the trip, on the last bus of the night. I'm moving in a few weeks into my own place (yes!), somewhere where it will take me fifteen minutes to walk to work, and I can definitely say I am going to miss this commute.

7:45 PM, Oct 16, 2006

Cole had this to say:
the weather has been horrible this week. That soul sucking cloud cover has made me want to call in sick for the past 4 days. Unfortunately, I am a responsible person sort of, and went to work and drank coffee like everyone else.

12:06 PM, Oct 19, 2006

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