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5:46 PM, Apr 1, 2006 toot this
From a bit of random stumbling about on wikipedia I learned two things. The first is that the letter, "n" in "habanero," isn't pronounced the fun "nya" way. It's just ha-ba-ne-ro. How boring. The other thing I learned was that the fiercest of fruit is being poured into an exceptionally popular japanese snack, and distributed by a company called Tohato. The snack sounds very intriguing, and I wonder if it's available in the states. Their website, while a little useless if you can't read Japanese, has a very entertaining game, reminiscent of Space Invaders, Galaga, or Tyrian.


Jeff interrupted with:
I think I had a burrito called Tohato once.

9:52 PM, Apr 2, 2006

chicus spoiled the calm with:
The talk of habaneros (and having beers with you out here tomight) reminds me of that jalapeno beer they had at the extreme brew fest. I'd still love to brew my own.

8:08 PM, Apr 3, 2006

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