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Thanksgiving in KC
We use Lotus Notes at work. It's horrible. I hated using it so much that I installed Linux on my machine, in the hope that the version for Linux would be better. Well, it isn't, but Linux deals with resource hogs much better than Windows, so I can push Notes aside and go about my business.

The installer that IBM sent us to get Notes working in Linux was complicated, obfuscated, and not very well-documented. After reading the install method assembled by a guy downstairs, I was able to repackage the installer so that a normal human can use it.

That was my day at work, the day before Thanksgiving. I was let off early that day, so I went home and fell asleep until about 7pm, when I went to catch the bus. I reached the bus stop at 13th & Wyandotte about thirty seconds before my bus arrived. It worked out very well.

I met Becca at her place before heading over to Colin's place, less than a block away. Nick, Anna, Colin, and Jami were throwing a Thanksgiving party, complete with a free-range bird, potluck items, and tons and tons of wine and beer. The turkey was amazing. It was just alive with flavor. Anna made a vegan gravy that went very well with the non-vegan turkey. Becca made some amazing potato dumplings and, well, everybody filled up on dinner.

Becca and I left at about midnight, and I went home from there. I awoke on Thanksgiving morning to glorious sunshine and temperatures tickling seventy degrees. As I sat watching the latest episode of The Office, the smell of cooking turkey teased my nostrils, as I resolved not to eat until we sat down to the real turkey dinner, that afternoon.

I left my place at about 1pm, and found that the Berbiglia in Union Hill was open, so I went there and picked up a six pack of Nutcracker and a bottle of Chianti before running over to Volker to pick up Terra. We made the long, long trip down to 151st and Overland Parkway to join Erik and Sheila for Thanksgiving dinner. I made their poor dog pee on the floor three times just through nerves. I guess I have a relaxing effect on animals' bladders.

Sheila's turkey was wonderful, and her mother and beau joined us to eat it down. After dinner, we cleaned up and sat still as the turkey began to take effect. by about 5pm, Terra and I got going, as we had never seen the Plaza Lighting Ceremony before. So we headed back to civilization and foolishly parked on the Plaza. We grabbed a couple of seats at the bar at Tomfooleries and played photohunt until it was time for the Christmas lights that were strung all over the plaza were turned on.

There was a countdown and everything, but all that happened at the countdown's termination was a bunch of Christmas lights coming on. It was really anticlimactic. Nigh on a hundred thousand people were on hand to count it down, and as soon as the lights turned on, the majority of them got into their cars and drove back to the suburbs. Terra and I hung out at the bar, trying to wait out the traffic a bit. We finally rolled out amid heavy traffic about an hour later, and after we had watched the Chiefs score a field goal against Denver.

We made a beeline for the patently un-plaza Harling's, where we sat and talked the talk of the full stomach and beer-enriched tongue until I was ready to go, at about midnight. Terra got a ride home, and I went home and fell heavily asleep.

It was a very nice Thanksgiving, and I was happy to have someone to spend it with me.

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