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Magnetic Fields
I am always on the lookout for music I haven't heard before, and I was recently introduced to the Magnetic Fields, on the way to a bar, a couple of weeks ago, through their really fantastic song, Long-forgotten Fairytales, and I was intrigued to hear more, so I got all four of the albums listed on allofmp3, and listened through them. I think it's important to say something here.

Bands shouldn't try to get attention by releasing a single song that is nothing like any of the rest of their music. Long-forgotten Fairytales is a modern take, to me, on New Order's style, and is what drew me to try more of their music. The rest, however, is quite a different story.

Life has been good for me, lately, and maybe that's why I don't like the Magnetic Fields. It is supremely depressing relationship music, lazily drawn out by their lead singer, a deep-voiced guy who seems intent on being the next Morrissey, without any of the appeal. I am particularly put off by the drama queen attitude in the lyrics of songs that, with a different singer(especially a soft-voiced woman), would at least be bearable.

Give this band a pass, with the standout exception of Long-forgotten Fairytales.

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