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Friday 51
As of late it would seem that circumstances favor me more than is reasonable to expect. The last 48 hours have been devoid of grief of any kind, unless grief can be derived from anticipation. I left my filthy car in front of some wealthy person's house in Brookside after work and caught the 51 at 63rd and Ward Parkway. With a steady stream of location-related text messages, Chris and I managed to see each other in passing buses on opposite sides of Broadway at about 36th Street. We waved as the buses passed, attracting curious looks from our fellow riders.

I decided on a whim to pull the stop cable at 12th Street, and go over to the Flying Saucer to treat myself to some of the delicious new arrivals. Actually, my intention was to have one beer and go home. But after running into several friends I had consumed four large beers. I shored up my willpower to look in the bartender's puppy-dog eyes and say, "no more!" Still in my work clothes, I made a quick stop at Chipotle on the way home. The sky faded from Kansas City's typical brilliant blue to a fleeting pink as I rounded the corner from 8th to see the evening's first shadows creep over my noisy street.

I ate a chicken-pinto-corn salsa-sour cream-cheese-lettuce-guac burrito faster than is medically advisable, changed into playclothes, and hastened back to street level to meet Brad and Sarah, who were inspired by my trip the previous night to Pizza 51. We sat outside in the grand late-summer air, talking about people, places, and things. Jason joined us soon afterward, and we went to Charlie Hooper's where we ran by accident into Brooks and some of his friends. We talked about current events with him until our heads began to droop.

I got home at about 2am or so. I spent an hour and a half goofing around on the internet, mostly looking at pictures on facebook, before finally calling it a night.

I woke up in the elevens this morning after a long deep uninterrupted restful sleep- my first in some time. I've spent a long lazy day doing some great relaxing, enjoying my last weekend at home before the big trip.

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