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10:56 PM, Jun 7, 2005 toot this
Nine Straight
I am currently on day eight of nine straight workdays. We had an exercise this weekend, eliminating time for anything besides work, commuting, and sleeping. Yesterday and today are markedly sedate, in comparison. We only have training sessions to attend, here at our office. After today, I have one day of golf, and five straight days off, before we settle back into our strenuous normal 25-30 hour workweeks. Included in that five day period is a trip to Chicago, to see some friends tie the knot, and to visit with my brother in the city.

I will definitely make visits to the Map Room and to the Hopleaf, to partake of their rich tap selections. I haven't seen my brother since just before Christmas, so it will be great to see him, and my future sister-in-law, who just moved to the Chicago area last weekend.

I am late to get back to training, so I will cut this short. Happy June.

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