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9:56 PM, Mar 1, 2004 toot this
Lord of The Oscars
The weekend was a lot of fun. We drank lots of beer, saw two concerts, ate some Chubby's, and all inflicted lasting pain on ourselves with our hangovers. I had a great time, and happily anticipate the next visit anyone pays. To celebrate today, and Lord of the Rings sweeping the Oscars, I called in sick to work, to get some rest, and nurse a hellacious sore throat.


Lev offered:
Bill Murray was robbed.

4:35 PM, Mar 1, 2004

bahua interrupted with:
He was my pick too.

7:12 AM, Mar 2, 2004

hagakure said:
Shenanigans, grab a broom everyone!

9:07 PM, Mar 2, 2004

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