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How Old Am I?
I took care of some business at home on Saturday morning before bundling up and heading outside. I had a nice conversation with my Dad in which, in addition to my current status on many fronts, I informed him that I would not be making it home for Thanksgiving. Because I think it's obnoxious to talk on the phone on the bus, I just walked south for the duration of the call. I wound up walking from my place on 7th to the bus stop on 19th before I was off the phone. I wasn't in any real hurry anyway, though the bus came almost as soon as I got to the stop. I hopped off at Main and Armour and walked west toward Broadway, where I was meeting Sarah and Ben for a late lunch at New Peking.

The lady that owns and runs New Peking is hilarious. Her English is terrible, but she loves to talk. She'll jaw on about something or other, and you won't have any idea at all of what she said. The only clues she gives you as to what is going on in her enthusiastic diatribes is her laughter, which is boisterous and frequent. So you just laugh right along with her. I joked to Sarah and Ben that I had probably just given her power of attorney.

The food at New Peking is sublime. There's nothing really special about it. It isn't expensive, but it isn't cheap either. But it's just done perfectly, and it takes perhaps six minutes from order to plate for it to arrive. I used to get takeout there all the time, when I lived a couple blocks away on Armour. The same woman was there, and her conversation was just as impossible to follow: "jabber jabber jabber hahahahaha!"

We had a 4:15pm showtime at the Tivoli in Westport, and we still had about a half an hour before to spare. So we got our tickets and repaired immediately to a nearby bar for a quick beer. After draining our glasses we ran back over to the Tivoli to watch What Just Happened? I enjoyed it a lot, though its overall theme depressed me at a time when I should have been excited. The movie's impact lessened as Sarah gave me a ride home.

I had maybe an hour or two before Derek and Mary's engagement party at 8, so I took care of some more business before heading down to their house, six-pack in hand. I walked a lot on Saturday, and it felt great. I judged poorly the time it would take me to walk to Derek and Mary's place, down on Walnut, and arrived a full ten minutes early. This meant that I arrived at least thirty minutes before anyone else. So, I set to work boiling edamame, chopping vegetables, taking out garbage, and drinking white wine. I like to think I was able to help, but I think they more just appreciated my offhand dry comments about nothing in particular.

People began to filter in, and everyone helped themselves to the food that Derek and Mary had set out for them. It was all delicious. While everyone's levels were still low, we made intelligent conscientious conversation about relevant and interesting topics. Then we started playing Asshole, or as they incorrectly seem to call it in this region, Presidents and Assholes. I lost. Everyone lost. Everyone got wasted. I picked up Jami, spun around and fell on the floor with her on my back. A room full of drunk people. It was ridiculous. My walk home at 3:30am was instantaneous in memory, though I'm sure I exposed myself or got arrested or something.

I woke up on Sunday morning with an aching, bleeding knee, and a serious hangover. As the day unfolded, I found that the others from the party fared little better. Nick slept until 2pm and still felt terrible. I spent the day sitting like a louse in front of my computer. It was less than a good time. The party however, was outstanding.

For reasons I cannot fathom, I woke up relatively early on Sunday, especially considering I had gone to bed no earlier than 4am. This facilitated a comfortable midnightish bedtime on Sunday night. I woke up at 9 or so this morning, with a sour stomach and anticipation-related indigestion. I showered, got dressed, double-checked my directions, and headed down to Overland Park for a job interview. Without revealing too much I'll say that I think it went well. I'll find out soon just how well.

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