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9:33 AM, Jul 27, 2006 toot this
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
For the last kickball game of the season, we played a team called Kick Me. Very clever, I know, but the absolutely important part is that we WON. Our music was awesome, we played well on the field, and rearranging the kicking order really paid off. Well, that, and the fact that we got some lucky hits in, including one that glanced off the side of the unfortunate pitcher's head, causing her to take a moment to relish the pain.

The jubilation among those who attended was palpable, and the team we played was not happy. They had watched us play, and lose, all season, only to fall to us themselves, in our sole win of the season. We celebrated with some shutgunned beer, and postgame victory drinks at Grinders, and on to the Stables. Also, as if our success was somehow fully knowable, the staff at Grinders did an excellent job, taking care of us.

Anyway, we rock!

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