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2:56 AM, Apr 8, 2003 toot this
4/8/2003 3:56 AM
This weekend, daylight savings began, and the Royals extended their season-opening winning streak to five games. Brian and I were at the game, as can be seen in the pictures section. We had a very good time, though it was not as warm as we would have liked. Brian spent a good part of the game physically shivering, and after a while(after the beer wore off) so did I. I have been working on some new features for the site, and have worked the new thumbnail preview mode into my page-generation script.

Work is a bit the same as it has been in previous weeks, except that it looks like we probably will be getting shift differential, under our new organizational heading. Another change that will soon go into effect is that the supervisors from my shift and first shift will be switching shifts. Neither of them appear to be overly excited about it, though it'll be a new set of opportunities for both of them.

Guster is this weekend.

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