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8:25 AM, Aug 28, 2008 toot this
Halfway Across
I left the office early again yesterday to run downtown before the end of the business day, as I had some important business of my own to see to. However, even counting that, I was still sitting idle at home a good step earlier than I usually am, and it didn't take long before I started to get a little stir-crazy. I contacted a couple of friends, and found that Matt was taking his guest out for some sightseeing and foodeating.

His guest, a British guy named Nick, is spending the summer of 2008 traversing the Continental US on foot, and being now 67 days into it, is roughly halfway to his final destination of Los Angeles. For the second time in the several years I've called Matt my friend, I rode in his car. He conducted a driving tour of Kansas City's "Historic Northeast" neighborhoods and showed Nick what we both agreed was worth seeing in our city, good and bad.

After the drive-around we went to Arthur Bryant's Barbecue on Brooklyn. I hadn't been there since probably 2002, so it was a nice treat for me. The three of us split a burnt end "sandwich(basically a bunch of burnt ends piled high on a couple of squares of wonderbread)," some gigantic fries, a bowl of baked beans, and a pitcher of Pale Ale.

Amanda joined us right about the time the beer and food ran out, so she got some of her own, and we helped her pick at it. The four of us hastened from there to Grinders for a beer or two before calling it a night. It was a nice breakup of the week.

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