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7:31 PM, Oct 20, 2002 toot this
10/20/2002 8:31 PM
Just finished updating another picture page into html. Still working on getting cgi-enabled stuff working. I have a lot of plans for the site, that'll need a lot of work done. When it's into fruition, though, it'll be at such a point that this site will be _useful_. I have another extended weekend. For next week, I'll be working second shift, commuting with my brother. They have some of their seniority out for the whole week, and they need some folks to help with all the new people. In exchange for this long weekend, I'll have a short weekend, next week. It's odd, but I actually have been finding it difficult to adjust to a day routine. Also, this page seems to work just fine with Opera, better than IE.

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