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9:35 PM, Nov 11, 2003 toot this
More Murmurings of Covad Sucking
Yes, I know. The website puked this weekend. Thank you for all the phonecalls and emails reminding me. I was thinking of writing a shell script that tells me when the site goes down, but after this weekend, I see that that is completely unnecessary, with you people here. Kidding aside, I came home from Chicago(which was awesome, by the way), and found that my server was refusing connections of any kind. My immediate thought was the action of a concern I had on the back burner being brought to the front burner, and poured on my feet(figuratively, of course). I have been worried for some time about the hard drive I bought in 1997 dying of old age.

It turned out that, for some reason, the machine has spontaneously grabbed a bogus IP address from the router, and was enjoying its rest. I put a stop to that, crawling around under my desk, swapping cables, and uttering swear words at the computers. All should be up and ready to go now, except that I still need to sort out why my internet connection keeps spontaneously dying, itself. More on that as it develops.

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