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More Pictures
I have been kind of afraid to show my face on this site, before getting the pictures from my last two trips up. I have a perfectly valid and passable excuse, though. I was busy. I have written a web application for work that allows us to ease the entry and submission of our monthly reports. I demonstrated it and its functionality to the Western Region VP last week, and he was tickled. He was so impressed by it that he told me that this application needs to be stable and inclusive of the jobs of all the different people in the program(about 150 people). So, I have been busy sharpening the application up, adding features, fixing bugs, and most importantly, converting it to perl.

All this work has basically served as my "computer work" for the last few weeks, leaving me with little time or inclination to update this site, ot post the new pictures. Because of the backlog, I didn't even take my camera to Chicago for Brian's bachelor party, last weekend. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Clare's Wedding: blamo!

Portland: socko!

We tied the game in kickball last night, leaving everyone on the team too despondent to go boozin'. Geoff and Paul are in California all week, which leaves me with little reason to make the 35-mile drive to Leavenworth for work. So, I have been taking care of work-related things from home, and accomplishing various other things I have put off: laundry, picking up, grocery shopping, a haircut, an oil change, and some brewing activities. I leave town again on the 9th, for about a week, this time for Fort Hood, in central Texas. After that, ideally, I have no more trips until Brian's wedding, over Labor Day. After that, I have nothing until the company conference in Orlando, in October.

I do enjoy summer, even if I despise the oven-like weather in Kansas City, but I find that my weekends are completely taken up in recent years.

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