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Wheel Audition
I met some friends out last night and had a splendid time. While there, I was invited to go out to Nebraska Furniture Mart near the racetrack in KCK, where auditions were being held for contestants on Wheel of Fortune.

Liana picked me up before going to Becky's place to pick her up, and we arrived by about 11am. The hopped-up host demanded enthusiasm from the crowd, and he certainly got it. Some local news personalities were on hand to draw the first couple of names for contestants, out of the three hundred or so people that turned out.

NBC weatherman Gary Lezak called my name. Liana and Becky both screamed as if he had called their names, and I went and talked to the triage producer.

It was brilliant. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I ruled. Maybe in a couple of months you'll see me asking Pat Sajak for a vowel as I unabashedly goggle the age-proof Vanna White.

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8:02 PM, Oct 21, 2007

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