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3:08 PM, Jul 27, 2007 toot this
Kick and Brick
I hurried home from work notoriously early last night, overcame some crazy unannounced exit closure, stuck another layer of deodorant on, got changed, and ran back out the door to make the 6pm kickball game at Penn Valley Park. Though we had a nice turnout(not too few, not too many), we still got completely ruled on the field. They were under every single kick we heaved at them. We managed to avoid getting shut out, though barely.

After the game mercifully ended, Chris, Erp, Amber, Nick, Anna, and I went to Grinders to make an attempt at paying them back for sponsoring our season. Unfortunately, it was jammed with people getting ready to jam at a reggae show there later that night. So we walked over to the Brick for pizza night and $5 pitchers. I had the first pork tenderloin sandwich that I've had in several generations. I used to eat the hell out of those things back in Illinois, and here in KC I had all but forgotten them.

Colin and Scott joined us after a while, and helped us degenerate the conversation into discussions of Star Trek and JRR Tolkien. I really appreciate it when my seemingly normal friends can ride the Tolkien-train with me.

Anyway, I went home after that, to enjoy a slight night terror about twenty minutes after getting to sleep, involving spindly-legged spiders the size of basketballs appearing next to my bed. Good times.

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