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Second Brewing
Since the secondarfy fermentation for the first batch is winding down, I decided that it was time to get a second batch going. I have decided, in making this decision, that we'll bottle the first batch, just prior to tranferring this batch to the secondary. We're about to have a ton of beer available to us. I just hope it tastes good.

When I went to Peoria for Thanksgiving, I made sure to make a visit to Friar Tuck Beverage, and pick up ingredients for the next beer. The final decision was an India Pale Ale, known for their hoppy character and relatively heavy flavor.

Here are the hands of Josh and myself, steeping the two different kinds of speciality grains.


The wort began its boil, and I captured it on video, before getting fogged out.

The recipe we followed said that the original gravity, ideally, would be somewhere in the range of 1.050 to 1.055. When the boil was complete, Josh took a hydrometer reading, and came up with 1.054. We did a high-five, sealed up the beer, and put it into the pantry.


I think this one will be really good.

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