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12:05 PM, Jan 18, 2004 toot this
As if you Care
You may have noticed a short outage in the presence of this page. Sorry about that. I had a hard drive threaten to crash, along with a bunch of "I'm-going-to-die" errors in my syslog. I had a lot of hands and knees time, switching keyboard and monitor cables, along with long kernel-recompiling and file copying. It was not fun. It appears that everything's okay now, but we'll see.


Keith chimed in with:
What a wonderful highlight page of our adventure. It was truly a great place.

Thanks John!

6:25 PM, Jan 19, 2004

hagakure wants you to know:
Yay, Welcome back bahua.com

8:10 PM, Jan 23, 2004

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