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6:31 PM, Oct 30, 2003 toot this
Covad Sucks at Being Good
Fun fun fun, with DSL reassignment! I called my ISP yesterday, to ask why I was still getting billed for the account I had when I was living at the old address, in Midtown, and they said the account was still active. "If you started a new account somewhere else, why didn't you cancel your old account?" Smack. After what seemed to be a little too long of a phone conversation, They graciously cancelled my old account, and absolved me of the billing for the time that I have since spent at another address. All was well, or so I thought.

I went to sleep today in the late morning, and when I woke up, somehow with a newly sore elbow, I turned on the bathroom light. I do this when I wake up after dark, to painfully force myself into a small-pupiled state, for easy viewing of the computer monitor. Once that was done, I went to check my email, and experienced the all-too-familiar "host does not exist" error message. I called Brian at work, and he told me that the connection had been down since the morning. This didn't bode well. Whenever we lost our connection, it would blunder itself back on in a few minutes. So, I called customer support, and very quickly got a human to talk to, albeit one with a Canadian accent

He talked me through the whole thing, and I was back up, with my new account settings. The modem had been using the settings from our old address, and when the folks at the home office got my call to cancel the old account, the connection was also lost. Therefore, bahua dot com has a new IP address, so nobody can probably see this update until Friday morning or afternoon. Sorry about that.

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