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8/27/2002 11:29 AM
Today, my brother is coming to Kansas City, to interview for a job. He'll be here at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, which means that, if you do the math(it is now 11:30, and I have yet to sleep) I am in for a hellish night of coffee drinking, at work. Nonetheless, I am very excited to see him, and I'll welcome him warmly. I just recently got the pictures from my camera, and they have been posted under the pics section. Have a look. One of these days, I'll get pretty index pages made for all the pictures. Until then, I leave it to your imagination to conjure my voice, relating to you wittily the circumstances of each photograph. I spent an entire weekend doing absolutely nothing useful. As such, I mostly just sat around my apartment, switching between sitting at the computer, and reclining drowsily on my couch, trying to decide which movie to watch. By Sunday evening, I looked hideous, and I was happy to commit the layer of scum I had accrued to the deep- of my shower drain. On Monday morning, I drove out to Lee's Summit, to a business within a tolerable drive of where I work, but an intolerable drive from where I live. Nevertheless, the promise of money drew me to said business. There, I was presented with the problem of gaining root access to a linux server that had been implemented by an outside vendor, who was not keen on relinquishing root access to his clients. Needless, to say, the financial benefits of relieving the office of this problem aside, it was a moral imperative to me, that I undo this injustice; right this wrong. I did so, expeditiously, and for the first time in three weeks, according to the clients, the network was "up." Just doing my job, ma'am. I saluted, and fled, $100 richer.

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