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3:10 PM, Sep 15, 2005 toot this
Kickball Kancelled
Kickball for this week, predictably, was cancelled due to torrential rain, the previous night. Through an email tete-a-tete, a group of ballers got together at the field to play anyway, unofficially. We assembled at 6:30, but never quite got past sitting around drinking beer on the bleachers. It seemed that cancelling kickball was a good idea, as there were numerous pools of rank standing water, throughout the pitted infield. Eight of us stood around until after sunset, drinking beer, and basically being inconsiderate.

After that, we headed to the Quaff(my favorite!) for drinks and foosball. Carrie, happy with being able to pee in a building, as opposed to the plastic thrones at the ballfield, assisted me in ruining Eric and Erp at foos.

It was a fun evening.

Also, the new Franz Ferdinand album rocks me violently. Go and get thee some.

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