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2:42 PM, Dec 4, 2003 tweet this
The New Dresser
Without the use of a windows computer, I managed to get the pictures off my camera and post them. The pictures I refer to are of my new dresser(big pic here), and what I've done with my old dresser(big pic here).

Using a command-line utility called gPhoto2, I am now able to retrieve pictures off my camera, and even place files of any kind on the camera. The exciting thing about setting up linux on this laptop is that 1) it's mine(I installed it on a work laptop once), and 2) I haven't run into any walls yet. Everything I have tried to get working has worked beautifully.

Also, if you're shopping for a new window manager, check out Golem. It's snappy.


Lev offered:
That's nice. Is the top fluted, or is that just an artifact of the camera?

9:07 AM, Dec 5, 2003

bahua wants you to know:
The camera speaketh the truth. It is fluted.

2:12 PM, Dec 5, 2003

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