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3:36 PM, Nov 5, 2006 toot this
Opera Mini
For an established period now, high-speed internet technology called Evolution-Data Optimized(or EV-DO for short) has been available on certain phones from certain wireless phone carriers. My carrier is Sprint, and their version is called "Power Vision," and is available on exceedingly expensive phones. As I usually do when I want a new phone, I opted for ebay, and put in a winning bid for this little beauty.

I received my used phone in the mail on Friday. On Saturday I went through the motions of getting a usb cable for it, charging it up, and switching my account over to it. After everything was all properly set up, I decided to see how fast the internet connection on the phone was. I also noticed the brilliant high-resolution screen, so I was hoping to see what kind of graphical abilities it had with the web. I loaded the page for the pictures from the Halloween party, and was very disappointed. Every single one of the pictures was distorted beyond recognition, and the page never appeared to stop loading, so I had to "cancel" loading to even scroll down the page.

I was distraught. Even Sprint's own web content that they want you to use is terrible. Dead links, never-ending pageloads, and worthless content at the end of it all. It then occurred to me that the problem may have been with Sprint's horrible, horrible web browser. I figured that since I have a relatively advanced phone now, maybe I could download a new web browser for it. I recalled that Opera had claimed to make a web browser specifically for wireless phones, so I loaded up their site and sure enough, they do.

It's called Opera Mini, and it is hands-down the best wireless web browser I have ever seen. Like their already excellent desktop web browser, it loads things lightning-fast, and renders pictures perfectly. If it weren't for Opera's wireless-aimed browser, I think I'd probably have regretted this service upgrade.


ck offered:
A coworker of mine uses Opera Mini on his tiny screened phone and loves it, the rendering, the speed, etc. Hope you have a unlimited data plan.

8:28 PM, Nov 5, 2006

bahua was sure you'd want to know:
I do have an unlimited plan. Actually, with Sprint's EV-DO service, I don't think a limited plan is even available. But even so, it's $15 a month for what is effectively a broadband connection.

9:00 PM, Nov 5, 2006

timmy took the time to say:
Can you tether it for access on a laptop?

7:26 AM, Nov 6, 2006

bahua said:
According to their documentation, yes. I have installed the software they directed me to download in the phone's documentation, but it keeps telling me that my username and password are incorrect. I'll call them and sort it out when I get a moment.

9:13 AM, Nov 6, 2006

masuod ali said blurted:
l would like to using operamini mobile.

9:41 AM, Jan 25, 2016

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