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10:46 PM, Sep 8, 2006 toot this
Back in KC, and Loose Ends
I got back into KC at about midnight on Tuesday night. It was lovely to be home, and the cab ride was as swift as the speed-deficient cab driver could make it. Two times he almost reached the speed limit. He tried to give me some crap about paying with a card("I want cash!"), but I silenced him, and made him take a rubbing of my card.

The last two days have proceeded without incident, including an absolute demolition of our kickball team by the enemy, and a half-hearted attempt to go out last night, with Chris and Noug.

I have reacclimated myself to central time, I think, and I should be ready to go back into the office on Monday morning.

I have about 450 pictures to sort through before posting them here, but I'll have some time this weekend, amid bottling the latest batch of beer, going to the Chiefs' season opener, and being rude to people on online forums.

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Cole the a-hole took the time to say:
maybe you should just post every single one of them, with colored borders and a watermark with your name and the year you took the picture in.

3:45 PM, Sep 8, 2006

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