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1/27/2003 12:43 AM
This weekend was light, but quite acceptable. Geoff, Louis and I went out after work on Friday, as is evident in the pictures section, and in the post previous to this one. We started that morning with the Cup and Saucer, where we had some Boulevard Stout, and read newspapers on couches. That was a very comfortable way to spend an hour waiting for other bars to open. We then got slightly lost, wandering around the southwest side of downtown, in an effort to get to the West Bottoms. We eventually came upon Connie's Genessee Inn, and were greatly underwhelmed. I had two drinks, took some funny photos, and went to the Quaff, where we ate lunch. After eating, Louis left, and Geoff and I sat, talked, and drank for about an hour. I announced earlier that I wanted to go home, and after our nice talk, Geoff complied, and took me home. I went to Boulevard for their brewery tour on Saturday, and had as good a time as ever.

For the Super Bowl, we had Joel and Susie over for beer, chips, pizza, and a ridiculously pathetic loss for Oakland. I knocked a chair over, in leiu of actual excitement.

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