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12:17 PM, Dec 5, 2007 toot this
Lunch at my Desk
In between getting a little work done at work, and working on the future of this website, I've been getting the occasional lunch in. When I want to have a short day at work, I'll bypass the lengthy trips to sitdown restaurants for lunch, and instead I'll just pick up something quick and cheap and bring it back to my office to eat at my desk while catching up on my friends. This seems logical to me, since when I'm at home I'll almost always eat at my desk while watching the latest episode of something. But many people raise an eyebrow when they find that I'm content to eat in front of a computer. Sure, it inexorably adds mung to the already disgusting innards of the keyboard, but such things don't concern me.

I enjoy catching up on Ars, /., various local and not-so-local blogs, and the inimitable Xkcd while I reach for fries and build up fuel for my afternoon reading break in the men's room. Otherwise, lunch alone would be an extremely boring time for me. There is a beautiful area downstairs of tables and chairs, clearly intended for lunch use, and which gets a lot of use at lunch times, but to sit there with nothing to do but eat seems to defeat the purpose of having time off work for lunch.

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