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3:57 PM, Jul 19, 2007 toot this
DNA Member
At the urging of fellow downtown friend Matt, I became a member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association last night. As the administrator of a prestigious local forum web site, I've arranged for a members-only forum within the greater forum. It may work, and it may not. We'll see.

All this came about last night, when I attended the third of the periodic(monthly?) "Know Thy Neighbor" gatherings down at the Bridgeworks Condos. The location varies each time, but they chose a really excellent one for this time. I arrived early and took control of the beverages, including icing and tapping the keg. People filtered in, and despite the 90+ degree heat, it was a really wonderful time. I Hope to make it to another one soon.

In the course of this past one though, I noticed an outright abundance of beautiful single women. Stay the course, downtown!

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