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Can I Pee at Your House?
Eugh. Some number of weeks ago, Jeff brought to my attention some dark spots on the wall baseboard near the kegerator. It appeared that somehow, the baseboard was getting wet without anything else getting wet. Soon after, I noticed the same anomaly in my bathroom, and on the other side of the wall my bathroom shares with my closet. Like so many of the bad things that affect me, I decided to wait and watch, hoping against hope that the situation would work itself out.

Unfortunately it has not. In the past week, the situation appears to have deteriorated, and it became clear to me that action was required. I called the HOA and reported the problem. They sent someone over while I was at work(pretty quickly too), and determined that they would need to destroy my wall to fix the problem. So today, they're coming over while I'm at work, to frighten Jeff's cat(score!), and to leave me, I'm guessing, without a toilet for a couple of days.

I'll update later.

///UPDATE/// 9/18 at 9:08am

The HOA sent some hammer-wielding thugs over to the apartment while I was at work yesterday, and Jeff, having gotten home early to take care of some business, caught them in the act. They told him that the pipes hooked to the toilet in the apartment upstairs had been slowly leaking droplets of water down the building-high pipe. With my apartment being on the first floor, and gravity being the insufferable pain that it is, all the water settled into the firmament in my walls. That means that none of the roughly $1500 of repairs will be billed to me, so that's nice.

As such, the hammer-wielders smashed up my wall, fixed the leak, and plugged a bunch of noisy industrial fans into my outlets, pointing at the wet zone. They'll allegedly be back some time next week to rebuild my wall.


Thanks to Jeff for the cat-like speed in capturing the picture.

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