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Upcoming Travel
I'm looking at my schedule, and making updates as necessary, but it looks like I have a bit of travel lined up for 2007. I'll be sitting around KC in January, meanwhile enjoying a visit from the whole family, and possibly host another party.

In February, I'm heading to Boston to visit Carl, my sister, and the beer-appreciating community for the 4th annual Extreme Beer Festival.

In April, I'm going to Long Island for the Friday afternoon wedding of a college friend, and will hopefully get to spend some time hanging out in the greatest city in the universe while I'm there.

Some time during the summer, I want to pull off the sequel to this year's trip of awesomeness, the West Coast Brew Trip. Except for 2007, I'd like to ride the rails from Boston to DC, drinking beer and visiting friends I have been promising to visit for years. It'll also give me a chance to fill in some blanks. I have only been to Philadelphia once, and I've never been to Providence, Baltimore, or Washington at all.

I also owe my other sister a visit. Since she's in Portland, I'll have to time that for a beer-related event too. That'll probably be later in the year.


Rachel commented:
Woooo! PDX 07. And hopefully I'll be able to buy beer at that point without crying. Yknow? Oh, god, broke.

7:20 PM, Dec 11, 2006

Alex said:
"I will go to Boston when carl goes to Ireland" Who was it that said that.... ;)

2:40 PM, Dec 12, 2006

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