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1554 Black Ale
We decided that the keg we had wouldn't last through the party, so we arranged for a reserve keg to be in place in case of the need to rearm the kegerator. I went to Gomer's on Thursday and picked up a half-barrel of New Belgium's delicious Brussels-style Black Ale, 1554.

Jeff hooked up the keg of Bob's 47 over Labor day weekend. We finally killed it at the big party, this past Friday. It was about time, we thought, and it was great to put something else on. We had been keeping the keg of 1554 on the back deck to keep it cool. Unfortunately, it's not very cold out yet, so at best, the beer was probably about 55 degrees when we tapped it. That is way too warm. It poured mostly head for the next hour or so, and I fear that a lot of the uninitiated beer drinkers were pouring the head off the beer onto our floor. This not only wastes beer, but it also turns our floor into the surface of fly paper.

Nevertheless, the beer is delicious, and now that it's all calmed down, maybe there's enough left in there for Jeff and me to have some of our own. We'll see.

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bahua responded:
Wow. That took a long time to finish.

5:04 PM, Jan 1, 2007

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