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Cinnamon Beer
It has been a relatively active week at work, with the senior team(translation: everyone's bosses) coming to take some training, have some meetings, and pay us a visit. I introduced some folks to Fiorella's Jackstack, down in the Freighthouse District, on Tuesday night. Glenn and Wayne both swooned over the burnt ends and the baked beans. When dinner was over, Glenn celebrated by picking up the check, which I greatly appreciated. The rest of our exposure to the senior folks happened over various lunchdates throughout the rest of the week, and one brief consulting session between Glenn and me. They were just too busy to spend a lot of time away from what they had come to KC specifically to do: train and meet. That's fine, we'll have a lot more time with them soon enough, when we run this gigantic exercise in a couple of weeks.

For a couple wonderful hours, I thought work was going to send me to California in August, when an exercise we were going to lead got relocated there. But, alas, the reponsibility was handed to the Arkansas team. Ironically, there is a California team within an hour's drive of the exercise location, and they aren't taking part at all.

On the homefront, I have been continuing to play kickball on Wednesdays, free golf during the week, and softball is coming up. All of these activities are usually suffixed with a trip to a nearby tavern for cocktails and hijinks, and in these sessions I am meeting a lot of nice people. I have been taking homebrewed beer over to the kickball games, to which I ride my bicycle, and people have been very approving of the cinnamon beer. I think I'll make another batch of it. It feels really good to know that something that I made up and produced is as well-liked as it is. Of all the beers I have brewed, it has been my favorite.

I really need to bottle that Grand Cru.


Rachel blurted:
Cinnamon beer? That sounds amazing.

10:48 AM, May 24, 2005

Lauren blurted:
I brew my own beer and I was wondering if I could have the recipe/ingredients to the Cinnamon beer?

8:32 AM, Jun 3, 2005

bahua wants you to know:
Shoot me an email with the link on the side menu, and I'll send you the recipe.

6:43 PM, Jun 3, 2005

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