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7:11 AM, Oct 4, 2006 toot this
Day one on the ATA
I woke up at 6:30, got cleaned up, dressed, and headed out into the pre-dawn darkness to catch the 25. The bus drew up promptly at about 6:55, for a 7:03 departure, and the driver fled like a madman into the Marriott across the street. I can only assume he had something spicy for breakfast. He emerged sweaty from the hotel about ten minutes later(two minutes late for departure), sprinted back across the street, boarded us, and lurched off down 12th toward Troost.

By the time the bus rolled into the Truman Hospital area, the bus was packed to the gills. The 25 offers the most frequent service in Kansas City, more even than the vaunted MAX, but is still far more crowded for almost its entire length. There were no "big" stops. People were just constantly getting on and off. It was like a real bus in a real city.

I got off at 63rd St. The schedule on which I blithely settled the previous night as I was yawning off to bed gave me about seven or eight minutes before my connection(the 163) would come along. When I got off, I looked to my right, and saw the bus I had to catch bearing down on the intersection, only a block away. I made my way across both crosswalks to the stop, and the bus rolled into place just as I reached it.

Ten minutes later, I was standing in front of my building. I think I might try to take a different bus down tomorrow.

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