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John's Atari Laundromat
I like to write. When I talk to relatives, or friends with whom I have not recently spoken they usually ask me if I've been writing recently, as they seem to enjoy reading the things I write. I've recently gotten it in my head that I'd like to start getting creative again. I find myself getting wordy with some of the most inane descriptions and write-ups. For example, this morning I posted a link to a youtube video over at facebook and took over 100 words to explain why I liked Something About You by Level 42 as much as I do.

This means to me that it's time to start putting my mind and my keyboard to a more active and creative use. As I am unable to follow any such pursuit without the copious aid of machines, I have written a small web application this evening to facilitate some inspiration. Feel free to contribute, or maybe even subscribe. Click away. The title of this post was one of the first results that good sir Nicolas uncovered in the application's proof of concept phase.


Brad thinks:
I am one of those that enjoys reading what you write, so, get crackin!

11:31 PM, Jul 8, 2009

ck commented:
I'm sure there are a number of words you wouldn't want pulled from you hard drive :) Quite interested in reading anything you write, so start those ideas a flowin'

8:47 AM, Jul 10, 2009

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