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3:29 PM, Aug 3, 2007 toot this
Kickball and Stables
We played the same team that we played last week, and lost again. However, our loss was not quite as devastating. We actually traded the lead back and forth for a couple innings, before finally buckling under the occasionally excellent kicks of our opponents. Keen to shake things up a bit, Erp, Jeff, Geoff, Amber, Liana, Becky, Heather, and I went over to the Stables for free popcorn, cheap beer, delivered pizza, Silver Strike, raucous singing, and general hijinks. When Shelly, the greatest bartender of all time, offered to call Tarantino's for us, and just add the pizza to our tab, Erp said that he wasn't in a pizza mood, even though everyone else that was eating apparently was. Shelly reacted by bringing out a plate full of ham and cheese sandwiches, along with a bag of chips and a slice of pickle. She assembled it all herself, and put it in front of an astounded Erp.

The singing and bowling got a little crazy, and I got lots of pictures. They'll be along. While we were playing, I slid into third to try to avoid a throw. I had slid into a base since I was in little league. Leg skin comes right off, apparently.

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Amy said:
Hi John, Happy Birthday! Amy

7:34 AM, Aug 8, 2007

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