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EOM and Harry's
I got home from work at the customary time, last night, and almost immediately, went to sleep. It went from a nap to a full-blown slumber. My phone rang(I think), at about 9:30pm, when I decided I need to wake up, if I was to have a functional next day. Once my status on IM went green, Jeff, sitting in the next room buzzed me, and suggested going to the Peanut in ten minutes. I accepted said proposal, and located my pants.

I made the fifteen-foot trek to Jeff's room, where he had, in the interim four minutes, changed his mind. "Let's go to Harry's instead. They have Bully Porter." Once again, I didn't make waves. On the way to the River Market, we walked past the building that Kelly had before told me was her office. I pointed at it from across the street, and said, "I think that first-floor office is where Kelly works." Jeff elaborated the moment. "Is that Kelly?"

We walked up to the window, and stood in front of it, in plain sight from her desk. She must have either been busy, or had trained herself not to notice the movements outside her floor-to-ceiling windows, because she took no notice of us, even after we'd stood there for about ten or fifteen seconds, staring creepily right at her. I remedied the situation by calling her, and we soon got a crash course in the month's-end processing of accounts receivable at her firm.

We left Kelly to finish her overtime, late-night work, and continued on to Harry's. As we walked in, I headed toward our normal table, which was open, and was flagged down by an enthusiastic Craig, who was having a relatively rough evening. We hung out and enjoyed the beers until they chased us out, but not before Rose the friendly bartender, off work that night, came and sat with us, and foolishly revealed personal information about herself to us.

Jeff and I walked home, and ate junkfood before shuffling off to our rooms. Amazingly, I woke up this morning with no trace of a hangover, feeling rested and comfortable. I am now almost finished with the last workday before taking five straight days off. Happy Fourth!

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