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4:33 AM, Aug 1, 2002 tweet this
8/1/2002 5:33 AM
"Where did all the ramblings go," either of you might ask. Well, I figured that if I'm going to be updating this page on a semi-daily basis, then it seems prudent to archive entries by month, so as to save on the nasty load times a lengthy page might incur. See the bottom of this page for archive links, as they add up. For now, July 2002 is all there is, there ain't no more. I am going to Peoria, IL this weekend, to travel, and save money doing so, for it is my birthplace, and the people that bore me still live there. I am taking an extra day off, this week, to spend more time there. I have been informed that I will be toasted for my birthday on Sunday with Lemon Meringue pie, my favorite.

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The Big Trip
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