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Clare's Wedding
We lost our second kickball game of this season to some team that's far too serious about winning. At least, that what we say to console ourselves. Erp and I went to the Quaff for the free pitcher, afterward, only to find that the "coupon," they give you for winning a kickball game(which the winning team gave us, because it was a 10PM game, and everybody just wanted to go home), is only good for grey beer.

I have a bit of large news. Josh and I will not be living together when the new lease term begins in September. We both agree that it makes sense. In light of this turn of events, I am in the market for a roommate again, and have posted my intentions as such on the list. I hope something comes up. If I don't hear anything within a couple of weeks, I will start personally whoring the apartment to attractive renters.

I am in Lisle, IL, killing some time while my brother takes his sweet time to shower, and waiting for 3PM, when my cousin Clare will be getting married. It's great to see all these cousins, who have not been in assembled company like this since my Dad's wedding in 2000. Go, go gadget not being home much in July!


Gulia was sure you'd want to know:
Um, Regan's wedding had just as much family show up...dude, get w/ it!

10:28 AM, Jul 12, 2005

Rachel replied:
Only college age kids could go to Reagan's wedding, and I'm not sure everybody was there - was jp? hmm.

1:55 AM, Jul 13, 2005

bahua interjected:

7:53 AM, Jul 13, 2005

Brian cut in with:
I believe JP was there. Confirmation?

I was hard pressed to think of any cousin/aunt/uncle who wasn't present. Anybody?

2:27 PM, Jul 13, 2005

Gulia interjected:
Yes, JP was there...in fact he gave an awesome toast, the contents of which elude me at the moment, but cool nonetheless.

5:20 AM, Jul 14, 2005

Rachel replied:
Well, still, only the 18 and up crowd was there, so none of the Matt Kelly kids, none of the Shadid kids, etc etc.

hey fam. =)

10:18 AM, Jul 15, 2005

Genevieve interrupted with:
Ummm are you all forgetting someone...........I was not at Reagan's wedding! I was in Barcelona eating bread due to not being able to withdraw money because Mom and Roger were at the wedding and had forgotten to make a deposit before they left for the weekend.

7:29 PM, Jul 20, 2005

Rachel spoiled the calm with:
Ha HA, I win again!

8:38 AM, Jul 22, 2005

andrewgrill commented:
I think that there should be some discussion about the number of beers drank at Clare's wedding and the amount of hooking up that went on. Honestly, I think almost everyone hooked up. The best was watching JP and Paul fight over the same girl...in fact, Paul even tried to lock JP in a bathroom in an effort to eliminate his competition. As a testament to JP's abilities (manwhore), the story that I heard is that this chick told paul that she wanted him, toyed with him all night, and lost the good fight at about 4am to JP. Paul, you gotta close the deal earlier!!! Nothing good ever happens after 2am...errr...3am...or maybe it is "everything good happens before 4am!" I don't remember! However, the STUD award goes to Mathew "too damn good looking for older chicks to keep their hands off me...and I'm not surprised and neither should you be" Kelly...15 years old, in chicago, from florida, at a wedding, sneaking beers...hooks up with a girl (who will remain nameless..unless you want to get it directly from Matt) who is nearly 19!!! I'm telling you, when I was 15, 18 or 19 was way out of my league. Nice work buddy!!

3:00 PM, Jul 22, 2005

bahua interrupted with:
Damn, Matt! I had no idea! However, I rarely have any idea, anyway, so don't feel special.

11:10 PM, Jul 22, 2005

emilyhickman interjected:
Thank you so much John for FINALLY putting up the pictures from Clare's wedding! They are FARGIN SWEET! The KellyHickCyrs Family love them oh so much. It was a wedding to remember....

1:31 AM, Aug 9, 2005

matt replied:
hey john and others,

so i was idly on my computer and realized I had never been to you website. its great, though some sort of poorly reproduced eighties anthem like "eye of the tiger", playing in ring tone form, in the backround would be a good addition. Anyway, I looked at those pictures from clare's wedding. what a blast. so much persperation. your captions capture the moment with wit, fully conveying the hilarity that ensued. so ya, thanks, they were cool. see ya around.

7:15 PM, Aug 17, 2005

matthew blurted:
yes andrew, i think its fair to say that i won the stud award.

10:34 PM, Aug 20, 2005

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