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4:08 AM, Aug 18, 2002 toot this
8/18/2002 5:08 AM
Another interesting weekend. I slept through Hot Carl bowling again. I am a louse, and I need a new, louder alarm clock. After getting off work, on Friday morning, I went out with a couple of colleagues, and we stayed out a little(a lot) later than we probably should have. It was fun, nonetheless. We wrapped things up at about 4 PM, when I went home and fell asleep like a rock. Today, I went to Boulevard Brewery yet again, this time with Elvis. I always enjoy that tour, and I think I have certainly behaved as a customer of theirs elsewhere, enough to merit five or six half-pints of free beer. Thus, I drink the nectar of Boulevard without remorse, and with great relish. We went to a Mexican place down on Southwest Boulevard after that, and listened to a horrible car accident take place on the highway next to us, as we sat outside in the very pleasant weather. In the last few weeks the weather has been absolutely wonderful here, and today's temperature was no exception. A few seconds following the sound of the collision, and the horrible screaming tires of dozens of cars, a piece of someone's bumper came hurdling over the side of the elevated highway, and with a clunk, came to a rest only a few yards from where we sat. Emergency vehicles made it to the scene after about 45 minutes, with the ambulance bringing up the rear. I hope nobody was hurt too badly. Later in the evening, I met some KCGeek people, for big big beers at BW3's, which I previously had no idea even existed west of the Mississippi. We drank more Boulevard, and called it a night. I love Saturdays in KC.

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