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Megaman 2
In what order do you defeat the bosses in Megaman 2? My brother and I used to team up. He'd take the first four, and I'd take the last, but even now, I stick to the same order:

  1. Flashman (Easiest level, easiest boss.)
  2. Metalman (The metal blade was absolutely critical.)
  3. Woodman (First victim of the metal blade.)
  4. Airman (Easily my least favorite boss.)
  5. Bubbleman (The underwater level was awesome. Watch out for the spikes!)
  6. Heatman (The slow-moving bubble lead made mincemeat of the human Zippo.)
  7. Quickman (Some of the best music in the game, and easily the hardest level in the game.)
  8. Crashman (My favorite music in the game, and the only good use that ever came of Woodman's stupid spinning Leaf-shield.)
What's your order? Accusations of nerdery will not be recognized.


what took the time to say:

1:13 AM, Apr 25, 2008

Brian took the time to say:
I don't play this often enough, but I would still use the same order we used to use. Actually, I guess I would mix it up just for variety's sake. You really on need Flashman for Quickman, right? Maybe do Airman first? His weapon makes short work of Crashman. Maybe Air then Crash, then you have Crashman's weapon to pick up all sorts of items and shortcuts. Why not Crashman first? Though without Woodman's shield.. But there are other ways. Have you seen any of the speed runs online?

I could go on and on. Such nerdery. Such wonderful nerdery.

1:53 PM, Apr 28, 2008

bahua blurted:
As I recall, Crashman will blow up after only two shots of Quickman's boomerang.

3:11 PM, Apr 28, 2008

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