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4:09 PM, Oct 2, 2006 toot this
My First Day
I got up at 7:20am, took a long, leisurely shower, got dressed, and with four minutes to spare, walked across the street to orientation. "Orientation" entailed the filling out of HR papers for two hours, and getting my bus pass($15!). I was then sent directly to my office, down on 63rd. It took me 13 minutes to drive it. That's roughly one third of the time it takes to drive to Leavenworth, and one fourth of the distance.

I didn't take the big box full of crap from my old office in, because I figured they wouldn't have any room for me yet. I was wrong. They had almost everything ready for me. They even had a computer for me: a very nice pre-Lenovo Thinkpad, on which I had to be given administrator privileges, but otherwise has proven an excellent laptop. The people on my team, for the first time in my life, are mostly about my age, and are a really fun group. We went to lunch at some Mexican place in Raytown, and they seemed to adopt me as one of their own. They even tried a newbie trick on me, for which I did not fall.

I will be taking my box of crap to the office tomorrow. And for the foreseeable future after that, I'll be taking the bus. So far, I like the job. Maybe at some point, I'll be trained well enough to do some actual work.

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