Commerce Forum Guidelines

Commercial interests may post here. Please see the rules before posting.
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Commerce Forum Guidelines

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This forum has been a long time coming, but I have gotten enough requests that I think it's probably time to give it a try.

Without actually seeing what the major annoyances and implications might be of operating a forum that allows people to buy and sell things, here are a couple of rules to keep in mind when using this forum. Also please keep in mind that repeatedly breaking these rules will get you more than just deleted posts. Mutes and bans can come of it as well.

Overposts, BUMPs, and reposts of buried or mod-deleted posts will be deleted. Should be self-explanatory, but I will elaborate if someone requests.

Try to keep the discussion on-topic. Questions and comments about someone's offerings or needs are fine and encouraged, as they assist in the facilitation of the transactions, but things getting too off-topic can take the focus away from the actual offering. Posts/flames that steer to far off course for the mods' taste will be deleted.

Spam will not be tolerated. Posts selling or soliciting porn, designer watches/jewelry/clothing "4CHEAP!!1", cheap meds, online degrees, male/female enhancement/potency, get-rich-quick schemes, or otherwise obvious spam content, will be deleted.

Keep it legal. Posts that are attempting to sell prostitution, software serials, copyrighted works, etc, will be deleted.

No linked/unlinked tag clouds. Posts that have trailing sections of hot words to try to attract search engines will be deleted.