How to Get Your New Account Activated

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How to Get Your New Account Activated

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It turns out that over time this forum has become well known by millions of eastern bloc spambots and the ill-mannered scumbags who program them.

Over the decade or so that this forum has been around we have made many attempts to combat the ever-mounting spam lobby. Captcha, arithmetic, essay, sentence writing, and countless other methods have all been expertly overcome by the authors of these pieces of spamming software. After all this time, the only 100% reliable way to avoid it is still manual.

In addition, putting an automated solution in place gives the spammers a target. Even if it works, all it will do is give them a wall to jump against until they figure out a way to get over it, under it, or around it.

So, here's the deal. If you want to join the discussion, and are one of the tiny percentage of a percent of a percent of the registrants that is a person in or interested in Kansas City, then send me an email at I have three rules for these registrations.

1) Use complete polite English sentences with proper punctuation and spelling. You would not believe how much of a giveaway it is when a spammer writes me to get activated. It's like when the estranged prince of Nigeria needs me to hold onto 13 "millions" dollars for him.
2) The email's subject MUST be "Please activate my kcrag forum account."
3) Your forum username MUST be in the email's body. This really should be obvious, but people still somehow expect me to be clairvoyant enough to figure out their usernames from various inconclusive clues.

Follow these simple instructions, and you will be joining us in the discussion.

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