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11:30 AM, Jan 25, 2007 tweet this
I went to a Mayoral candidate forum on Tuesday night with Jeff, Eric, and Erp. Becca never showed, because she sucks, so I had to sit next to some weird dude with crazy-eyes, long fingernails, and lots of loud rustling paper bags. After the forum, I met Erp and Jeff down at Hooper's in Brookside, where a drink turned to four beers apiece and dinner. I left my car in Brookside and Erp gave us all a lift back home. When we got home, we decided, even though it was already 12:30am, to stay out. We went over to the Quaff, drained two pitchers of Pale Ale between us, and argued politics until well after we left at 2:30am.

I had to get up early to catch the bus to Brookside and get my car. It's on my way to work on the bus anyway, so it wasn't that big a deal for me. But getting up after only three hours of sleep was no easy task. I wrenched my eyes open and grumbled in disgust at my poor decision-making of the previous night. Yesterday at work wasn't anything major, and I stayed a little later than usual for reasons related to guilt.

A group of us were going to meet at Michael's place that night, but due to a lack of good planning, all canceled. It was just as well, because I was dead on my feet. I was in bed by 9:15pm and asleep before I finished the first sentence of my book.

So, I woke up early after a ten and a half hour sleep. It was the kind of sleep that is so long that you look up at the clock hours before the alarm goes off and relish the thought of going back to sleep despite being almost fully rested. But after a sleep of that length, it's as if the part of my brain that informs me of when I've had enough sleep kind of gives up after the times I went back to sleep. Therefore, even after ten and a half hours, I still wanted to go back to bed. Reason told me that it was ridiculous to sleep any more and to get in the shower and stop being such a damned baby! But energy was slow in coming.

Having woken up well before 7am, I took the bus this morning. The ride from downtown to Brookside was uneventful, but exceptionally scenic in the foggy cold. I hopped off at 63rd at the stroke of 8am. I had thirteen minutes until the eastbound 63rd Street bus would arrive, so I ambled over to the Brookside Market for some breakfast-type baked goods and an orange soda. As I was walking back, I saw the bus lurching into motion to move away from the stop, four minutes early. I was upset. Having missed the bus, I now had 35 minutes until the next one came.

I sat down in the covered stop and read about fifteen pages of my book while I waited. The bus arrived late, of course. To pour salt on the wound, the driver came to a complete stop when the bus reached Oak, blocking the lane. The driver then stood and, in no particular hurry, strolled into a 7/11 convenient store to get herself a bottle of water and a paper. My jaw was on the floor. I got off the bus at Winchester a couple minutes later, still amazed at the utter lack of work ethic I'd just seen. Within seconds, one of my coworkers picked me up and drove me the rest of the way. So the morning wasn't completely without luck.

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becca wants you to know:
Heeeeey! That's not nice! You know, other people also choose to live car-free and therefore have difficulty arriving at mayoral forums in a timely manner that take place so early in the evening and so far away from a convenient bus stop... Listening to it on the radio, when possible, also suffices. And...and...you're the one that sucks. So there! :-P

1:09 PM, Jan 25, 2007

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