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8:35 AM, Oct 29, 2006 tweet this
Since the Party
After we finished kind of cleaning up the apartmnent(dishwashing, garbage-collecting, scrubbing, and mopping), Jeff went to Shawnee Mission Park for a bicycling high council meeting. Left to our own devices, Alex and I went to W 39th, and got some sandwiches at d'Bronx. We followed that with a trip to the Liberty Memorial, some coffee on the Plaza, a quick trip home so Alex could see that someone had done his work for him, a drive out to Parkville for some microbrewed beer, and a delicious pile-of-meat dinner at the Hereford House. I was very pleased that the sensational Red Seal Ale from North Coast Brewing is now available in KC.

We followed dinner with a quick run home for a, "power nap." Such things never work, in my opinion, and shortly afterward, Alex and I were walked toward Nick and Anna's place on Walnut for their Halloween blowout. We had fun, but the fatigue of the previous night was heavy on us, and we only lasted there until about 1am. We came back and watched Arrested Development episodes until it was definite that we couldn't stay awake any longer.

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