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9:30 AM, Dec 18, 2006 toot this
Late Saturday and Buses
Chris' party on Saturday was fun. We had a white elephant gift exchange in which I gave Anna a home enema kit that I received once upon a time, and received a FAX machine from Erp. Nobody stole the enema or, unfortunately, the FAX machine. I got lots of pictures with the new camera, but I have unfortunately not yet gotten them off the camera. After the party, I went over to the Phoenix with a couple of people, and they chased us out 45 minutes after closing. On the suggestion of Nick and Anna, we went down to the West Bottoms and drove on raised streets that looked like they should have been closed, to a "private party," at some place deep within the aging industrial neighborhood. We stayed there until our eyes began to droop and my watch read 3:45am.

I slept until noon on Sunday and dropped an obscene amount of money on a computer upgrade when I woke up. With trembling fingers I'll receive my new parts on maybe Wednesday, but probably Thursday, still with trembling fingers.

I got on the bus this morning and was amazed. It seemed like it was "Beautiful Woman Day" on the Metro. Seeing beautiful women on the bus is always an exciting thing, and indicates to me that the world is becoming a better place.


becca interjected:
Awww, how did you know I'd be riding the Metro today?

12:30 PM, Dec 18, 2006

bahua said:
You're killing me, Becca.

3:14 PM, Dec 18, 2006

becca spoiled the calm with:
Well, you killed ME in the Christmas Bus Riding Competition. Sadly, I must drop out of the contest, therefore, making you the winner by default. I simply cannot compete with a score of 4:2 from 4700 miles away. Congratulations.

11:10 PM, Dec 18, 2006

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