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These are my pictures

Taking pictures is something of a hobby for me. More important to me than the actual posterity of the moment though, is the fact that everything that's reasonably presentable be placed for semi-permanent display on this website. When I wrote this new version of the whole thing in 2007/2008, I discovered the fascinating disease-like clicking I start doing with the random image on the right side. Enjoy that. There are currently 4839 pictures in 85 albums, so happy hunting!

002kyderb.jpg Kentucky Derby 2009
004dbach.jpg Derek's Bachelor Party, February 2009
053splut.jpg Splutschnik V: V is Five
036confed.jpg Confederate Brewtrip
069derby.jpg Kentucky Derby, May 3, 2008
008kcatacrawl.jpg Third Annual KCATA Pubcrawl
022sprungs.jpg Steamboat Springs 2008
014id.jpg Splutschnik, the Three
006sf.jpg Visiting Josh and Callie in San Francisco
023grp.jpg Amanda and Jim's Wedding
053hweenbgp2.jpg Halloween Boy-Girl Party II: Vohaul's Revenge
057cherry.jpg Minneapolis for Labor Day
030canada.jpg The Great Canadian Brewtrip
025genceleste.jpg Erin's Wedding
013dance.jpg Sarah's Wedding
035mustache.jpg Cinco de Mayo, 2007
028walking.jpg The Second Annual KCATA Pubcrawl
001team.jpg Kickball 2007
008firedept.jpg St. Patrick's Day 2007
044xmas.jpg Christmas 2006
030party.jpg Halloween Party
013vinceclare.jpg Vince and JJ's Wedding
048boots.jpg Bart and Catherine's Wedding
078toronado.jpg West Coast Brewtrip
016rootrootroot.jpg bahua turns 28, like a sucker
017seasonamandaterra.jpg A Quality Party in Quantity Hill
024erpjoshcalliejohn.jpg Housewarming Party
053shoesmcgee.jpg Memorial Day Weekend, 2006
006hecho.jpg Cinco de Mayo, 2006
017jeffsleftbeer.jpg First Annual KCATA Pubcrawl, April 22, 2006
028katieputts.jpg Kansas City Barstool Open, February 11th, 2006
029femuscles.jpg Kansas City, MLK Day weekend
027some_girl_named_amy.jpg New Year's 2006, Kansas City, MO
010juliawill.jpg Peoria IL, Thanksgiving 2005
065kegman_allison.jpg New Camera / Halloween in Kansas City 2005
056benkathleenbriantodd.jpg Pittsburgh Wedding, Labor Day Weekend, 2005
055alexhood.jpg Portland Trip, July 16th-24th, 2005
026rob.jpg Clare's Wedding, July 9th, 2005
004erpterra.jpg The Duders/Misfortunate Stain carry themselves majestically
017staciasmiles.jpg Dave and Stacia get married, big time. June 10th, 2005
077katieuphousemaggiegeoff.jpg Various Memorial Day Weekend Activities, May 2005
054txgirl.jpg San Antonio, TX, April 2005
036staciajohn.jpg Dubuque, IA, April 2005
013valentine.jpg Kansas City, April 1st, 2005
012greenmill.jpg Winterfest 2005, St. Paul, MN
004carlsnow.jpg Extreme Beer Fest, Boston, MA, January 27-31, 2005
077krislight.jpg Iowa vs. Wisconsin, November 20th, 2004
059palmmoon.jpg Orlando Visit, October, 2004
022silly.jpg Josh and Anne's Wedding, October 16th, 2004
033wtc.jpg New York, Labor Day 2004
009abbyrich.jpg Twenty Six years old in Minnesota
024davedowntown.jpg bahua's pictures - Portland, Oregon - July 2004
046berniethepimp.jpg Fourth of July in Boston, 2004
038jacobs.jpg Cleveland, June, 2004
022bartpool.jpg Kelly Family Pool Party, June 2004
032baghead.jpg James and Jackie tie the Knot, June 5th, 2004
016geoffheadbang.jpg Boise, Idaho - May 24th-27th, 2004
025in-n-out.jpg Southern California - May 2004
044cheesesteak.jpg Eastern Pennsylvania, April, 2004
004plastics.jpg Kansas City's West Bottoms Neighborhood
014mtnbottom.jpg Aspen/Snowmass, New Year's Weekend, 2004
020downtownsnow.jpg Snow Attacks Kansas City!
005willbrian.jpg Chicago Wedding, November 8th, 2003
014tablewines.jpg October Miscellany
043carlpleminze.jpg A Jaunt to Beantown
009inline.jpg Quakecon 2003
013junemeaghan.jpg St. Louis, July 20th-22nd 2003
016renaegoggles.jpg 4th of July 2003 in Chicago
002levcamera.jpg KCGeek Third Anniversary Barbecue - May 17th, 2003
008berroa.jpg Royals vs. Indians, April 5th, 2003
009cabbage.jpg St. Patrick's Day 2003, Kansas City, MO
019happyfamily.jpg Ski Trip, February 2003
037shrimpkegs.jpg Ireland Trip, February 7-16, 2003
045renaejohn.jpg Steve and Renae's Wedding
024ahmahnda.jpg Homecoming 2002
017017road.jpg Farm Party
012davejohntower.jpg California Trip
012oblivious.jpg Sweaty Party in Chicago
002towercity.jpg Cleveland Trip
012johnwins.jpg QuakeCon 2001
019everyonebeach.jpg Sandbar Party
011clarejoe.jpg Pool Party
009powerandlight.jpg Bahua's Random Crap
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