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Jilly's, Howl, and Severed

Jeff and I went to Los Corrals last night for some tasty Mexican food. Liana joined us shortly after we sat down, and watched us eat. After dinner we walked over to the Peanut and watched the insufferable Kansas fans obnoxiously cheer their team on in the final minutes of its one-sided victory against Kansas State's team. Biz caught sight of me and came over to make the jovials, and to inform me that 2008's version of Cinco de Mustache will be Cinco de Mullet. That is, he and his wife will host a party on the Saturday closest to May 5th, in which the culmination of a mullet-growing contest will take place. I have not yet decided if I will participate, though I will almost certainly attend.

After a long, convoluted process of paying for the one pitcher we split, we also split up. Jeff wished us well and went home, while Liana and I went to Jilly's for 80s night. We ran into Chris and Jessica when we walked in, and Heather materialized soon after. I kept busy making an ass of myself until Brad and Sarah joined us. They each had a drink and excused themselves after a measure. Soon after, the bar closed and everyone was shooed out into the night. Jessica works at Howl at the Moon, so the remaining group went over there, had cover waived, and enjoyed the happenings until 3am when they closed.

Liana dropped me off at my place soon after, and we made a vague pact to meet at the new Chipotle the next day. I set the loud obnoxious oncall phone next to my bed and went quickly to sleep. I woke up just before 10am to find that at some point in the night, I had torn the phone in two, easy to carry pieces. All I can think of that may have happened is that one of my occasional fits of sleepwalking took me, and my subconscious desire to destroy the oncall phone got its wish. Good times.

10:59 AM, Mar 2, 2008

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Following the rehearsal dinner, we all got together for a party at Renae's brother's house. It was really really windy outside.
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